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As a key member of your financial advisory and advocacy team, our goal is to utilize the knowledge, resources, and experience of our firm to help you make your plans possible. As a trusted advisor we collaborate with your accountants, tax advisors, benefits specialists, insurance providers, and estate attorneys, to provide comprehensive care and attention to the planning and investment needs of your family. 

A core competency of ours is investment management guided by financial plans designed for saving, investing, raising families, education, life events, retirement, and legacy.

Successful journeys rely on advanced planning, resource development, mapping, course corrections, and an unwavering focus on the destination.  Financial livelihoods are likewise dependent upon organization, direction, and execution.

Engaging us as a key member of your financial advisory team entails many of the following steps. 


INTRODUCTORY CONVERSATION – Interests, needs, backgrounds, and services. 

ORIENTATION MEETING – Scope of services, commitments, costs, and disclosures. 

ENGAGEMENT AND ONBOARDING – Terms, agreements, timeline, profile, checklists, and next steps. 

ASSET+MAP SURVEY – Data collection, production, review, and delivery. 

ADVISORY TEAM CONSULTATION – As needed discussions with your legal, tax, risk, and benefits specialists. 

MONEY GUIDE PRO FINANCIAL PLAN - Data collection, production, review, and delivery. 

PORTFOLIO SURVEY AND STRATEGY – Assessment of allocations, diversification, risk review and forward strategy. 

STRATEGY IMPLEMENTATION – Portfolio modification and reallocations as needed. 

ONGOING OVERSIGHT AND ASSET MANAGEMENT – Monitoring, oversight, rebalancing, reporting and periodic reviews. 

ANNUAL REVIEW, PLAN AND PORTFOLIO UPDATES – Updates, performance, and adaptations. 


Our commitment is to provide valuable personalized professional services at costs commensurate with those of professionals in the financial services industry. Individual client and family circumstances are unique. Costs will reflect the volume and complexity of the work involved.

A general guideline is for annual expenses to approximate 1.25% of the value of assets under our direction (in the case of assets valued under $2 million). As greater values are overseen, the rate basis generally declines toward 0.50%. Additionally, certain planning circumstances, account types, and portfolio strategies can influence cost basis, warranting lower or higher rates as the case may be. 

Transparency and disclosure around commissions, fees and expenses is important to us, so we'll carefully discuss terms and agreements with you as we engage.

Please refer to the Form ADV Part 2A for additional fee and cost information.